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2. Dengue

3. Anemia


4. Jaundice




I have great pleasure in introducing you to Kale Pathology Laboratory.

Located in Mitranagar area, behind Akashwani. Facility is running 24x7. We have a sample collection facility from anywhere by laboratory technician. Just ring us up, and technician will come and collect the sample.

This laboratory provides services in the branches of Hematology, Biochemistry; which lend themselves easily to automation, as well as interpretative branches like Histopathology, Cytology and FNAC. Microbiology work in the form of Serology, Culture & Sensitivity and Antibiotic Sensitivity Testing is also undertaken with standardized procedures.

The setting up and working of this lab is based on firm understanding of laboratory's role in health care.  Because laboratory has an important role in improving the quality, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and management of health care, we stick to following code of professional conduct -

· Be dedicated to the use of clinical laboratory science                                            

· Place the well-being and service of patients above everything.                                            

· Be accountable for the quality and integrity of clinical laboratory services.                                     

· Exercise professional judgment, skill      

· Do not disclose to a patient or any unauthorized person the results of our investigations.  

· Be courteous, patient and considerate to patient and their relatives.

For ensuring a reliable and quality laboratory service we follow the TQM or Total Quality Management approach. We do our best to make the service reliable, accessible and available, professional, user friendly, dependable but at the same time flexible to allow for introduction of new technologies in response to the needs of users and changing health care strategies.

Strict internal quality control program is followed to ensure accurate results. Biochemistry is done on Fully Automatic and Semi-automatic Biochemistry analyzers. We know that it is not enough to have automated instruments, but it's a must to see that they are working well. Internal controls from Randox are run regularly to monitor precision. We also participate in External Quality Control Program of CMC Vellore and AIIMS, Delhi, to check our accuracy.

We stick to WHO definition of Quality Assurance (QA) while working here - to give right result, at right time, on right specimen, from right patient based on correct reference data and at right price. 
Finally, we are counting on your constant support and motivation to do better.

Thank you.

Dr. Sachin Kale

Quality is not an accident, but it's a painstaking and continuous effort in right direction.


Call – 2340558 or 9403411612              Kale Pathology Laboratory,                     

31, Mitra-Nagar, Near Maratha Darbar Hotel, Behind Akashwani, Aurangabad



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